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Intentionally Handmade Jewelry

meet the artist

                                                           Michelle Varkonja

Living tucked away in the freedom of Northern Vancouver Island (Port McNeill), life has given me endless inspiration and appreciation for all that surrounds me.   I am fortunate to work as an artist and metalsmith in my home-based studio.

Being strongly guided by the emotional connection and powerful presence of nature, my work has translated into intentionally created jewelry that showcases stones and designs that capture an earthy and grounding vibe.


Thank you for being here for this next chapter of my life where I get to share my passions in a uniquely creative way.


"The world needs your version of art.  
Be fearless in its pursuit."


By choosing handmade, you are supporting the dreams of an artist. 

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Michelle Varkonja
owner / artist / metalsmith

Vancouver Island, BC. Canada

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